Welcome to "Building Bank Week!" I went live on Instagram and Facebook for an entire week! I went deep into how you can be more successful in business and life so that you can start making the type of money that you want to make!  

So many people reach out to me with questions around how I run my business and how I am able to speak all around the world. Well in this webinar series you will get the answers to your questions!  

Don't miss out on this full week of FREE content that can put you lightyears ahead in your business and your financial life!


I have created two bundles that will help you grow your business and/or become a highly sought after professional speaker

“Life And Business Bundle” This bundle is packed with eight videos that will cover:

  • How To Start Your Business The Right Way
  • How To Start A Business While Raising Children
  • How To Run A Business While Married To A Non-Entrepreneur
  • How To Trademark Effectively
  • How To Network Online And Offline
  • How To Start And Grow A Business While Working Full-Time
  • How To Handle Student Loan Debt
  • How To Handle Creditors

Having your own business is more than just telling the world you have something to sell. There are many factors that go into building a successful business. When you complete the “Life And Business Bundle” your business will be in position to bring in more sales. In these videos I show you how I combine ten years of Corporate America and eights of business to run a successful business that touches tens of thousands of people each year! This is your time to cut your learning curve in half and fast track your business to where you want it to be!



There is nothing like traveling the world and sharing your story! Being a speaker is awesome, but it is not easy to become one that gets paid top dollar. That is why I created “The Speaker’s BluePrint Bundle!” There are thousands of speakers around the world, but not many speak full-time. Not many use speaking as their full time source of income.

“The Speaker’s BluePrint” consists of eight videos that will show you:

  • How To Get On The News
  • How To Sell Your Books In Bulk
  • How To Negotiate Your Speaking Fees
  • How To Get Speaking Engagements From LinkedIn
  • 3 Items You Need In Place As A Speaker
  • How To Network As A Speaker
  • How To Find Conferences To Speak At
  • How To Work A Conference And Leave With Speaking Engagements


Host: Ja'Net Adams

Ja’Net Adams is an International speaker, author, and the CEO of EMACK Consulting, but when she was in college she let money rule her life.

A short time after graduation she found herself in $50,000 of debt! She dug out of the debt in two years by following the principles that she now speaks about to audiences all around the world as a professional motivational speaker. She speaks around the world to various universities, corporations, high schools, and non-profits about Financial Literacy.

She recently released her second book “The Money Attractor! Everyone’s Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams!” Her first book was “Debt Sucks University! A College Student’s Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams!” She has spoken on behalf of the White House and the Department of Education.


Maybe you want to grow your business and learn more about how to paid as a speaker. If you are not a professional speaker, but sell products and services then being a successful speaker can lead to higher sales. Higher sales that are global and not just local. Maybe you are a professional speaker who wants to grow your business and expand, but don’t know how to grow that part of your business.

If you can relate to either then both bundles are for you, but you don’t have to pay two separate prices, but instead you can get them both for only $247

That means you get 16 videos that will skyrocket your business!

In these videos I pull back the curtain on my business and give you an inside look around how I have been able to leave Corporate America and live my dreams for the last eight years!

If you are ready to live your dreams then it is time to take control of your future

Life And Business Bundle $147

The Speakers BluePrint $147